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Windsurfing in Sardinia

When we think about a seaside resort, the sport that first springs to mind is swimming, in all its variants, or in any case any activity linked to the sea, from sailing to snorkelling and kayaking. The wide variety of landscape, changing scenery and varied topography means that in Coccorrocci a large number of sports activities can be practised.
The marvellous transparent water certainly makes snorkelling, underwater fishing, free diving and scuba diving unforgettable experiences, and Camping Coccorrocci offers you all the assistance you need to participate.

If instead of immersion in the sea you prefer to surf over it at twenty knots, carried by a sail in the breeze, the exceptional characteristics of the Coccorrocci coastline make kitesurfing or windsurfing into a source of excitement, whether you’re an expert practitioner or a sheer beginner. Steady wind, never violent, kilometres of sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery make the perfect backdrop for challenging yourself and having fun among the waves.

For lovers of jogging, trail running and road- or off-road cycling, the extensive area around Camping Coccorrocci offers a wealth of choice, and our knowledgeable staff can advise and guide you to find the best possible experience.
Not far from the campsite, the Museddu shoreline offers the opportunity of horse riding on a practically endless stretch of beach, with almost nine kilometres on which to gallop with the sea to your right and a wonderful pine forest to your left. This is the essence of a holiday in Sardinia: rediscovering a link with nature, with animals, with one’s own body. Practising a sport and at the same time discovering a culture, regenerating in a place that will become a remedy for body and soul.

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